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A History of Modern Tourism is the first book to offer an overview of the development of this vital subject in one accessible volume. Leisure travel is not just economically important.  This pastime plays a vital role in defining who we are by helping to place us in space and time.  In so doing, it has aesthetic, medical, political, cultural, and social implications.  It was not always so.  Tourism as we know it is a surprisingly modern thing, both a product of modernity and a force helping to shape it. A History of Modern Tourism tracks the origins and evolution of this pursuit from earliest times to the present.  From a new understanding of aesthetics to scientific change, from the invention of steam power to the creation of aircraft, from an elite form of education to family car trips to see national “shrines,” this book offers a sweeping and engaging overview of a fascinating story not yet widely known.

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There is also a supplementary materials website offering bibliographies, teaching materials, and more.

Selected reviews:

Journal of Contemporary History, Journal of Global History, Zeitschrift für Tourismuswissenschaft

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Callum Glennan, "Why the World Depends on our Need to Travel," World Finance, 25 April 2017

Adam Nebbs, "Travel," South China Morning Post Magazine, 17 June 2016

Sheila Gibson Stoodley, "18th-Century Travel Souvenirs Resurface as Contemporary Treasures," Robb Report, 5 March 2016

Eric G. E. Zuelow, "Tourism and the Modern World," World Financial Review, March/April, 2017


Making Ireland Irish Cover

Making Ireland Irish explores how tourism functioned as a vector for perpetually renegotating Irish identity in a new post-colonial context. The American Conference for Irish Studies awarded this book the 2009 James S. Donnelly, Sr. Award for Best Book in History and the Social Sciences. The committee declared that the book: "masterfully captures the dialectic between the local and the national constituencies to show how both shaped and were shaped by self-conscious efforts to objectify Irishness for tourist consumption.”

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Selected reviews:

American Historical Review, British Scholar, Journal of Tourism History, Irish Studies Around the World

Touring Beyond The Nation Cover

Touring Beyond The Nation draws together ten leading tourism historians who collectively offer a new paradigm for understanding the development of tourism in Europe between the eighteenth and the twentieth centuries.

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Selected reviews:

American Historical Review, English Historical Review, Economic History Review, Journal of Tourism History, Contemporary European History

Tourism Histories In Ulster and Scotland

Tourism Histories in Ulster and Scotland brings together scholars of Irish and Scottish tourism history to chart a new comparative direction in research concerning the flow of tourists across the Irish Sea.

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Persistance Of Nations Cover

Nationalism in a Global Era presents arguments from ten scholars who collectively challenge the notion that nations will soon decline in the face of ever-quickening globalization.

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Selected reviews:

Ethnic and Racial Studies, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, Nationalities Papers, Nations and Nationalism, Political Studies Review


Selected downloads and bibliographic information for peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.

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Journal Editing


Journal Of Tourism History

The Journal of Tourism History is the primary international outlet for the publication of articles and reviews covering every aspect of tourism history. It is published three times a year by Routledge.

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Book Series


Histories and Cultures of Tourism is Cornell University Press's new tourism history book series. It will feature the very best new work being done in tourism history, highlighting intelligent storytelling and groundbreaking research, irrespective of geographic region or time period. Historical work conducted using interdisciplinary methodologies is welcome.

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Britain and the World is a book series exploring all aspects of ‘British world’ history. There are currently more than 25 titles, addressing topics as diverse as the construction of national identity in Canadian and Australian classrooms, early 19th-century piracy, host/guest interactions in African safari hunting, sport in the British world, cinema in the British Empire and much, much more. The series is sponsored by the Britain and the World society which serves to link the various intellectual communities around the world that study Britain and its international influence from the seventeenth century to the present.

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In Progress


Sociability Project

Drinking to Remember. Public houses represent a "traditional" meeting place for English people, yet they are rapidly disappearing. My current research examines how changes in social interaction shaped the pub in the half century after World War II. The story draws together nostalgia and preservation, political wrangling, developing social activism, globalization and technological innovation, evolving ideas about race, class, and gender, as well as the growth of tourism.

Tourism in the British Empire. This project, which grows from a forthcoming book chapter, explores the relationship between empire and tourism during the nineteenth century. It argues that empire served as a vector toward the globalization of tourism, making possible a complex mutual negotiation of identities in both Britain and its imperial holdings that had long term implications.


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