Books and Articles

A History of Modern Tourism is intended as a beginning, an entry point into the complicated and fascinating history of leisure travel. Ideally it will make you anxious to delve deeper in specific subjects and debates.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful books and articles out there, just waiting for you to explore. While there are holes in our understanding, scholars of tourism history do know quite a lot. At the same time, the more we learn, the more room there is for new research, as well as for differing interpretation and debate—the very things that make history so much fun to study.

The following bibliography (an expanded and expanding version of what appears at the back of A History of Modern Tourism) is designed to help you dig deeper into the past, whether you are simply curious and want to learn more about something, whether you are a student undertaking a term paper or thesis, or whether you are a more senior scholar delving into new territory.

Naturally, no bibliography is complete—especially when new material is published almost daily. If you find something that you believe should be included here, please email me with the full bibliographic details (use the reference format utilized in this bibliography) and I will include it as quickly as I can in the relevant section.